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Retaining Walls

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Job Description: This client had a sloped block that they wanted a large garage added to. The problem being the slope of the block, for building. With the choices of either retention and fill, or excavate and retain, the client decided being a cyclonic area, excavation would be the better option, allowing some added protection to the shed, and keeping the roller doors facing to the road frontage whilst still being level with the natural ground at the front. It was further decided that the rear retaining wall would be timber, whilst the two side retaining walls should be of a concrete block design to give character to the finished area.

Excavate shed area

Leveling area

Final trim and clean

Rear Retaining wall almost finished

Left hand side block wall base in place

Right hand block wall footing

Filling and leveling behind completed walls after
drainage pipes installed


Need Retaining Walls in Cairns or the Tablelands?

TLC Group Pty Ltd (TLC) are builders based in far north Queensland in Cairns.

TLC specialises in retaining wall construction and embankment erosion prevention. We can provide high standard cost-effective solutions.

We build retaining walls in standard concrete block (rendered or plain), display block, boulder, stone, timber or sprayed concrete. The product used can either blend into the background scenery to be unobtrusive, or stand out to become a feature of your property. Similarly, we solve any erosion problems you may have. As we also specialise in earthworks, we can handle your project from start to finish. From design, to shire approvals (if required) through earthworks and footings, construction, drainage all the way through to re-vegetation.

If you need a retaining wall or have a potential erosion problem in Cairns or the Tablelands or anywhere else in north Queensland, don't hesitate to give TLC a call to discuss possible solutions.

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